Water may not be the most hydrating drink

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COLUMBIA- With a heat index of 105 degrees on Tuesday, it can be easy to get dehydrated. A recent study at a British University found that water may not be the most hydrating liquid to consume to stay hydrated.

The British study developed a “beverage hydration index” that watched 13 common drinks to see how long they stayed in your system after you drank them. The longer the liquid stays in your body, the study found that the liquid is deemed more hydrating. The study found that the four drinks with the highest hydration index were: Pedialyte, fat-free milk, whole milk and orange juice all did better than water.

Dr. Ross Duff, one of the owners at Broadway Urgent care said for the average person just water should be fine because most people are not out for a very long time. However, he says it's important to pay attention to your hydration if you're out for a long period of time. 

"My general rule is that if you're going to be out in the sun for a very long time then take some precautions and begin drinking something before you go and on the regular basis as you are out," Duff said. 

His favorite drink is water mixed with orange juice for potassium and a quarter of a cup of sugar for calories. Sodium and potassium are the most important elements in re hydration Duff said. But if a person will be outside for a long time, Duff recommends adding in calories. If water is not accessible and a person is dehydrated, Duff said drinking regular coke can help. 

"Coke is almost like IV fluids as far as I am concerned. If you drink coke, real coke, it has an anti-nausea property to it," Duff said.

Duff said athletes should not drink just pure water because they need to replace their potassium and sodium. He said the best sports drink is chocolate milk.

 [Correction in Doctor's name: Dr. Ross Duff]