Water Pipe Project Concerns Fayette Residents

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FAYETTE, Mo. - Ever since the city announced its plan for a new water pipe along North Church Street, Dale Lang said he has fought to protect two trees in his front yard, each about 100 years old.

The city's initial plan was to increase water pressure by installing the water line about ten feet away from the sidewalk, into residents' yards, and right through Lang's century-old trees. "We have to replace a lot of the mains that are leaking, and we have pressure problems. So, we're trying to get the pressure up and the leaks stopped," Fayette Mayor Kenneth O'Brian said.

Lang said he and his wife have enjoyed the shade since they moved into their house about five years ago. "One of the things that was asthetically pleasing to us was that there was shade and trees. We spend a lot of time on our front porch," Lang said.

After hearing Lang and other's complaints, the city has now moved the new pipe's proposed site to only a couple feet away from the sidewalk. O'Brian does not expect the new placement to affect Lang's trees.

Lang said an engineering company needs his and few other residents' signatures on an easement to start construction. Before he agrees, Lang said he wants a written guarantee the water pipe will not force him to cut down his trees.

O'Brian said engineers will meet with Lang later this week, when he expects the guarantee.  O'Brian said the project has been in the works for the last several months, and the city expects it to cost about $488,000. It will stretch from North Church Street to Lucky Street for about four-and-a-half blocks.