Water Quality Improved in Keytesville

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KEYTESVILLE - Lower levels of lead and copper in the water showed up in tests Monday at the Keytesville water plant. Three weeks after the city of Keytesville held its first ever town hall meeting to discuss the poor water quality, residents are noticing clearer water.

Keytesville Mayor Anthony Lee said he has worked to become an expert on the water treatment process to help answer questions from residents. "Tests show that the water is coming out good and I'm pretty proud of what's coming out of the taps right now," Lee said.

The city of Keytesville sent letters to businesses and residents on Feb. 10 warning citizens not to drink the water because of the high levels of lead and copper. Residents describe the water as brown or red and cloudy. Some residents skipped out on using the tap water and opted out for bottled water instead.

Resident Shirley Morris kept a cup of water on her kitchen counter when she suspected something was wrong in the water.  "When the water settled the whole bottom of it was completely brown," Morris said.

Once Morris found out the water was brown because of iron, she was concerned for her health. Morris has a condition called hemochromatosis, which causes the body to absorb and store too much iron.

"If you don't get it taken care of, eventually it will affect your organs and joints and it can kill you," Morris said.

Keytesville water will be tested again on June 30th to make sure the water levels are consistently stable.