waters-moss renovation

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department received public input Thursday night on a renovation project in the Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area.

The project includes renovating the current offices for recreational purpose and building a neighborhood park.

"We've had input on the detail designs of how the buildings could be renovated, such as which way the restrooms could face, and layout of the buildings, and the relationships between the buildings and kitchen," said park development superintendent Mike Snyder.

The park department will modify the plan based on the public input, and go to the city council for a public hearing. The department will hire private contractors to do the renovation work.

"For the sidewalks, we might hire a concrete company to do the work. We might hire a roofing company to put a new roof on the building. We will probably hire a local architecture firm to help us with the structural and design work. Certainly, a lot of the renovation work, we will do with our own crews," said Snyder.

The total budget is $165,000, and the funding comes from a park sales tax. The total cost is projected to be $166,100.

"We do have funding for the neighborhood park portion of the property, and so we hope to get started this summer on building the neighborhood park part of this project," said Snyder.