Weather affects MU football game more than traffic

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COLUMBIA - The traffic was supposed to be a problem for the MU football game Thursday night, but it was the weather that kept fans away.

It poured rain for the first half of the game against Mississippi State.

There were also multiple accidents throughout Columbia. Two were at the intersection of Stadium Boulevard and Providence Road.

Columbia residents Jack Wells and Terry Carlisle said they planned ahead for the traffic.

"For a lot of the people that came to the game, I know the parking was pretty tight. I saw that people on Stadium were backed up all the way to the golf course," Wells said.

Taxi Terry's owner Terry Nickerson said he was treating the game just like any other game.

"The traffic will be heavy, but it's like that every football game," Nickerson said. 

Carlisle said MU fans would go to the game no matter what.

"The die hard Mizzou fans don't care," Carlisle said.