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LAKE OF THE OZARKS — The weather has impacted people's plans for this Fourth of July weekend.

Miller's Landing restaurant manager Kelly McNabb said that they had to cancel their entertainment for Saturday due to the rain.

"I think every Fourth of July we have some sort of problem," McNabb said. "Last year, we had a flood, but the lake was still busy. I think there are people down here, so it's still good for the economy. But for us local businesses that are on the water, it makes it more difficult, because that is what we count on, the water traffic."

Local lake house owner Mark Casey said this weekend has been different from years' past.

"And I think this is the rainiest Fourth of July we've ever had," Casey said. "You'd expect it on Memorial, but, Fourth of July, typically hot and dry."

Casey and his family opted to stay indoors, watch old music videos and go out to eat instead of spend their weekend on the lake.