Weatherization program offers free home improvement

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COLUMBIA - Central Missouri Community Action's Low-Income Weatherization Program works with families to make their home more energy efficient and safer to live in. 

The program seeks to ensure qualifying families have access to safe and affordable housing by offering home improvements to help lower the costs of energy consumption.

"A lot of times we find families with a huge energy burden on them and that is because the home in which they're living in may not be well insulated, may have cracks in doors or windows or ceilings," said chief program officer Angela Hirsch.

She said the costs can be substantial.

"A lot of the money that they are paying to try to keep their home warm in the winter or cool in the summer is going to those cracks,"  Hirsch said.

The services have been offered in eight central Missouri counties since the 1970s.

The weatherization program also makes sure families' hot water heaters are safe and meeting their needs.

"We really want to make sure that anybody that is eligible for this service gets this service. We hope that utility bills can be lessened and they can use that money elsewhere to support their families," Hirsch said.