Webb City Artists Build Cross in Remembrance

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WEBB CITY - Fred and Amber Mintert constructed a cross from debris from fellow church members' homes.

An elder at Mt. Hope Church of Christ, their home church, got the idea from a Bible Story. Church members were sent to collect debris from the homes and businesses of 15 church families who lost everything.

The cross is built from materials including bricks and plywood that once made up the walls of homes. It's held together with nails ripped from furniture. The cross has framed pictures and scripture, toys, china, and more.

"Some of the pieces came from one of my best friends here in town and so it was pretty emotional to put together something like that," said Mintert.

The cross was presented on a Sunday two weeks after the storm. It sat surrounded by 500 peace cranes created by Fred and Amber's art students. Fred teaches classes in Carthage and Amber teaches in Webb City. The church congregation was invited to gather near the cross at the end of the service, where they could pick up their own crane to help them always remember Joplin.

"The hope here and the unity here has never been so strong," said church member Aubrey Prunty.