Website launches that depicts individual legislative information

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COLUMBIA - A new website launched Monday that breaks down legislators activity.

The site shows the voting history, campaign contributions and party loyalty among other things. 

NPR affiliate KBIA, the Missouri Informatics Institute, the MU political science department, Truman School of Public Affairs and a few other organizations worked together to develop the site for a specific reason.

"The point of the website is to basically make it really easy for Missouri voters to understand and comprehend all this really complex state data that is available publicly," Ryan Famuliner, a site developer, said.

A $25,000 grant from last year brought the different entities together to work on the website.

"It's called the interdisciplinary innovations fund, at Mizzou," Famuliner said. "The whole point is to get different departments working together on tech-savvy stuff so this was a great fit for that grant project."

Famuliner said the site was developed with time consumption in mind.

"The whole point is to really just redistribute it in a way that you would be able to consume it in just a few moments, because that's how much time you get," Famuliner said. "Most voters, they're going to give to any race like this is maybe five or ten minutes and if it takes more than five to ten minutes to get that information they want it's not going to be worth that commitment."

Despite being live for less than 24 hours, Famuliner said the site has received a solid amount of traffic, including legislators.

"I've already got two or three emails from legislators that are looking at their pages and other pages and have a lot of questions about the data," Famuliner said.

Famuliner added that doesn't want the website to change voters opinions, but rather help people understand their vote more.