Weekend Freeze Causes Problems for Mail Carriers

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COLUMBIA - The United States Postal Service is battling the effects of freezing rain that hit Columbia over the weekend.

Streets and sidewalks were free of most the accumulation Monday, but some mailboxes are still frozen shut, making delivery difficult.

Columbia Postmaster Mark Rask said with 67,000 deliveries in Columbia, the freezing rain makes it more of a hassle for mail carriers - both getting to homes and accessing mailboxes.

"Almost all of those locations got hit with a good layer of ice this weekend," Rask said. "Carriers still go out there; we deliver. We greatly appreciate all the help our customers have been by laying down salt."

USPS delays and reduces delivery whenever streets, walkways and mailboxes when hazardous weather conditions enter the area. Rask said mail carriers delivered most mail Saturday. Any mail not delivered due to the ice is delivered as soon as the carrier can gain access. He said postponed mail delivery is only used after careful consideration.

"We use it as a last resort," Rask said. "Any curtailed mail is attempted the next delivery day.

Rask said customers can help out by laying down salt and making sure sidewalks and driveways are clear of snow. Any mail not delivered on a marked delivery date can also be picked up at the USPS post office on East Walnut Street.

USPS is delivering mail until Christmas Eve.