Weekly Wellness 1/21/19

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The winter months can wreak havoc on our skin, whether we suffer from eczema or not. The cold weather creates the perfect environment to dehydrate our skin.

There are many different types of eczema with the most common being atopic dermatitis. Experts refer to this as “classic” eczema because it can make skin super dry, itchy and inflamed. Atopic dermatitis can also present itself with small bumps that are filled with fluid and break when they are scratched (which can lead to other painful and less-than-fun infections).

So, what can we do to try to help our poor skin during these dry winter months? Here are some expert tips:

  • Use a humidifier.
  • Minimize long showers.
  • Moisturize twice a day with a thick cream or ointment.
  • Wear natural fabrics.
  • Look for moisture-retaining ingredients in your skin-care products (i.e. hyaluronic acid, squalene, dimethicone and ceramides).
  • Avoid known irritants in cleansers (i.e. fragrances, preservatives, and surfactants).
  • Say “no” to antioxidant gels and “yes” to antioxidant serums.
  • Light exfoliation is okay (but don’t overdo it).
  • Oils are your friends.
  • Be on the lookout for other irritants (i.e. perfumes, laundry detergents, etc.)
  • See your physician.

(Source: https://www.self.com/story/eczema-winter-tips)