Weekly Wellness: A new kind of Advent Calendar encourages fitness

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COLUMBIA - An advent calendar, traditionally, is a special calendar used to countdown the days until Christmas. I've seen them as simple as merely a calendar to little pockets holding tiny treats to much more elaborate ones with even bigger treats. Yum.

Most people associate the holiday season with treats and foods and candies and indulgence. With this said, it shouldn't be much of a shock to anyone to learn that the media reports that the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. On average, people say they gain about 5 pounds during this time of year.

We know that treats and temptations are going to be around... at the office, at home, in the form of gifts from family and friends and at the holiday parties we will attend.

To combat this, I've created a new kind of Advent Calendar: The Holiday Exercise Advent Calendar. Holiday_Advent_Exercise _Calendar.pdf

Beginning Monday, December 1, there is an exercise listed daily to perform. If the exercise that is listed is too difficult for you, find an alternative and do that instead. If the exercise listed is too easy, double the repetitions or add something more.

The goal is to do something exercise-related everyday and, hopefully, at the end of our 25-day countdown, we will keep our name off of that weight gain ("naughty") list.