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COLUMBIA - For many folks, the new year brings the desire to start a new workout routine. We make a new commitment to "hit it hard this year." "This year, I'm really gonna get it done!" and then February rolls around and we're back to hitting the snooze button and rolling over.

So, you've taken some time off from your routine but you want to get back at it. Here are some easy tips to help you:

Don't go too hard, too fast. Even if you've only missed a week of training, there’s probably a reason or two. Are you doing too much? Are you feeling overwhelmed (Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?) Don't make yourself hate every minute by forcing a two-hour session on your disinterested body. Ease back into it.

You might need sleep more than that workout. If your body is exhausted, it could be a result of a number of things: maybe work is becoming too stressful? Maybe you’re starting to succumb to that cold that’s going around the office? Maybe you’ve been recognizing an ache that is starting to become a pain which might indicate an injury is brewing. Always listen to your body. If you need rest, then rest.

Try something new. If your go-to exercise has started to bore you, it might be time to try something new. Like high-intensity but the HIIT class you’ve been attending isn’t getting you excited anymore, try the kickboxing class. It’s still a higher-intensity experience, but with a kick (pun intended).

Remember the benefits. It can be hard to remember why you exercise when you feel like your life consists of training, a laundry basket full of sweaty clothes and a constant state of muscle fatigue. Keep in mind that the benefits of regular exercise are so much more than all of those annoying things. It's an instant mood booster, it helps you sleep better, and promotes better brain function.

Remember why you started. Was it to have more energy, feel stronger, or be more comfortable in your clothes? Whatever your reason, write it down, memorize it, and on those days you're just not feeling it, remind yourself.

If you’ve fallen off the workout wagon, it’s time to jump back on. You’ll be glad you did.

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