Weekly Wellness: Are you waking up with a headache?

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Headaches are the worst, aren’t they? And if you’re waking up with one, it’s certainly not a great way to start off the day. Sometimes headaches just happen – and they go away as easily as they came. But if you are starting to experience them regularly, there might be a specific reason.

You might suffer from migraines. The most common time for migraines to occur is between 4am – 9am. This is when the body produces the least amount of endorphins and enkephalins which are the body’s natural painkillers. Migraines can be genetic (thanks, dad), but can be managed.

You might have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes people to repeatedly stop breathing during sleep – which can cause a headache due to lack of oxygen and increased pressure.

You might be experiencing caffeine withdrawal. If you are someone who has multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, this might be the explanation. If you think this might be the explanation, try to cut off your caffeine intake in the afternoon.

You might be grinding your teeth at night. Grinding your teeth can cause tension in your jaw, which can spark a headache. Ask your dentist if they notice any evidence of teeth grinding. This could be fixed with a night guard.

You might have a hangover. I think the solution to this one is pretty simple and straightforward.

You might need to see your doctor. If you have checked off all the “it’s not that” boxes, and you’re still experiencing a regular headache, seek medical attention.

If you occasionally wake up with a headache, it’s probably no big deal. But if it’s happening with any regularity, talk to your doctor.

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