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COLUMBIA - It's here again. Summer. The kids are out of school for a few months. For some kids, there will be baseball and tee-ball and summer camps. But for others, there are no scheduled activities planned.

If your goal is to keep your kiddos active during the summer months and keep them off the couch with the video games and televisions off, I've put together a little DIY Summer Camp for you to do with your little ones.

Make a list of games and activities that the kids may enjoy. Take slips of paper or popsicle sticks and write a game or activity on each one, and put them into a jar. Every day, let the kids draw an activity from the jar and this is the game or activity that they will do that day.

There are so many great resources on the Internet that can give you all kinds of activity ideas - or you can come up with your own! Here are a few ideas:

Snake Tag: One person starts as being "it." As soon as they tag someone, the person that has been tagged holds hands with the original "it". Now those two "its" can tag (but only with their free hands). As the "it" tags and grows, the chain cannot be broken and the players must work as a team to tag others. The game continues until everyone is tagged.

Bust the Balloon: Blow up balloons and scatter them on the floor (this can be played inside or outside on a lawn). Players stand in scatter formation. On "GO", the object is to break as many balloons as possible, by sitting on them. When a person breaks a balloon, they should shout "Score!" with a hand in the air (so that the score keeper can see who it is to keep tally).

Everybody's it!: Proclaim, "everybody's it!" in an open space and the participants begin trying to tag others, while avoiding getting tagged. Once tagged, participants sit down, extend their arms, and try to tag those left running around. (Decide beforehand if simultaneous tags result in both sitting down, or both remaining free.)

Bear Tag: just like traditional tag, there is an "it" who is attempting to tag others. But here's the catch. All the participants have to be on all fours, walking like a bear. If a participant is tagged by the "it" bear, they must sit where they were tagged until everyone has been tagged.

Here are a list of some great websites for more game and activity ideas:

I hope you and your kids have a great (and active) summer!