Weekly Wellness: Fitness segment makes a return

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COLUMBIA - It's a new year! That means new Weekly Wellness!

I'm so excited that with this new year, brings an opportunity for us to join Angie Bailey for our weekly journey into health and wellness.

I hope you have made it through January unscathed. For those who made resolutions, I hope they are still intact.

I hope you are succeeding. For those who decided that resolutions weren't your cup of tea, but lifestyle changes were, how is that going for you?

This year, we will bring more interactive Wellness opportunities. We will be more active. We will be more informed. With the goal that, at the end of the day, we are more well.

The month of February has been declared American Heart Month - and so that is where we will start. We will focus on heart health and how to take the appropriate steps towards a healthier heart.

I'm very excited to help you learn about wellness this year. Thank you for allowing me to be here for you.