Weekly Wellness: Help with Meditation

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COLUMBIA - If you haven’t been introduced to meditation yet, you’re missing out (and you may be living under a rock). Meditation and mindfulness have been gaining popularity over the past few years. With benefits like stress relief, helping with anxiety, and improving sleep (among others), it’s silly not to try something so simple. (Yes, I said simple.) I know trying something new can be intimidating. How do you even start, right? Well, as you know, there’s an app for everything… including meditation.

Here’s a list of apps you can try:

Headspace. One of the most highly revered meditation apps is Headspace. It's free to download and start the trial program, with varying subscription prices (about $6 per month). You can download sessions to use offline and take different types of meditation with you anywhere, anytime. (This is the app that I use and I personally love it.)

OMG. I Can Meditate! This app was created by a meditation coach named Lynne Goldberg. It is free, and has a variety of programs you can subscribe to. It also has specialty programs that can be time-based, relationship-focused, or spiritual.

Yoga Wake Up Alarm Clock. The Yoga Wake Up app lets you set your morning alarm and choose a meditation or yoga practice to get going. Certain options are free and included with the app, while others are $1. Each gives you the option to preview before you buy!

Buddhify. The Buddhify app treats your meditation program like a game. For $5, you can choose what your problem is ("difficult emotions," "can't sleep," "work break," etc.), and pick a program that works for you. This app has received great reviews for being customizable and user friendly.

Relax Melodies Oriental Meditation. If your primary goal for meditation is to fall asleep, then this app is for you. With different tranquil and white noises, built-in alarm clocks, and guided meditation sessions, you'll be sleeping before you can say “good night.”

Calm. The Calm app is customizable for your needs and meditation journey. Check out "7 Days of Self Esteem" or "21 Days of Calm" or even a 30-minute session of deep sleep. Choose a "body scan," "muscle relax," or "release" session with your desired time. Calm provides relaxing sounds and scenes (and it's free).

I love meditating and find it very helpful. I hope you’ll give it a try.

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