Weekly Wellness: How to choose the right wine

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COLUMBIA - "If I really want to lose weight, I'm going to have to stop drinking wine, aren't I?" (Insert sigh and frowny-face here)

So many clients have approached me with this problem. They have changed their diets. They have increased their exercise game. They have changed everything except... they still like to drink their nightly glass of wine.

While there is truth to alcohol contributing to weight gain (and hindering our ability to lose weight), believe it or not, there are better wines for you (and worse). In other words: not all wines are equal.

Riesling & Moscato:

Be wary of those sweet wines. Both Riesling and Moscato are so sweet because they have more residual sugar, and when sugar is fermented in sweet wines, the fermentation process is stopped earlier, so therefore it's sweeter with a much lower alcohol content and more sugar.


A rich Italian dry red wine, Amarone is pretty strong, and it'll get you drunk fast. Too much alcohol can have a negative effect on the liver. It's better to stay away from certain Amarones, since the full-bodied reds have some of the highest alcohol content.

Non-organic Wine:

In general, organic wine should have fewer sulfites. Sulfites can lead to headaches and allergic reactions. While all wines have sulfites to act as a preservative, certain organic and biodynamic wines don't add additional sulfites to their wines which can make them a healthier choice.

Whether you’re trying to avoid additional sugars or trying to stay as clean with your diet as possible, wine can still be okay. Just make sure you choose the best wine for your goals. (And try to limit your consumption to 1 serving per day for women and 2 servings per day for men.)

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