Weekly Wellness: Is unsweetened sparkling water a good thing?

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You want to stop drinking soda but you still want something bubbly. I get it. Or you know you want (or need) to drink more water but, ya just don’t like it… and since a Wall Street Journal poll found that about 20 percent of Americans dislike the taste of plain water, we aren’t surprised. So, what about those sparkling waters? Well, some of those are full of sugar or artificial sweeteners (and those aren’t good either). Maybe these unsweetened sparkling waters… are they a good option? YES!

The only difference between flat (a.k.a. still) and sparkling (a.k.a. seltzer) water is the addition of carbon dioxide. To make the bubbles. Both waters are just as hydrating, too. Now, the bubbles of the seltzer can make you feel bloated so make sure to pay attention to that.

There was some controversy over whether or not sparkling water can harm tooth enamel. In reality, the pH of carbonated water is still more acidic than tap water, but not enough to cause any tooth destruction (so says the American Dental Association).

The bottom line is that sparkling water is a great replacement for soda – and gives you another hydrating option – but we still want to drink plain 'ole water, too.

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