Weekly Wellness: Is your glass half full?

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COLUMBIA - How do you feel when you look in the mirror? How do you feel when you get dressed for the day? Do you smile at yourself and your reflection? Are you happy?

When you see your coworker in the hall or you interact with the check-out person at the grocery store and they compliment you, how do you respond?

A survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that the number one obstacle for persons trying to lose weight was emotion.

In the survey, 1,300 licensed psychologists were asked how they dealt with clients' weight and weight loss challenges. Survey respondents cited "emotional eating" (43%) as a barrier to weight loss, and included "maintaining a regular exercise schedule" (43%) and "making proper food choices in general" (28%) as keys to shedding pounds.

In general, gaining self-control over behaviors and emotions related to eating were both key, indicating that the two go together.

Negative self-talk and not accepting compliments are two practices that I consistly tackle with my clients.

"I hate my thighs."
"I hate my rear."
"I wish I had better arms."
"I wish I didn't have this belly."

While you may have things about yourself that you want to change, saying that you hate yourself is not going to get you anywhere closer to that change. This is where the old adage "actions speak louder than words" can really come into play.

You wouldn't tell your best friend that you hate her thighs (unless you were joking). So why would you say it to yourself? Your body is what you make of it. If you haven't spent much time working on making it stronger, leaner or "better", then it's probably not going to be any of those things. But yelling at it isn't going to do much good, is it?

How about using the other old adage and "catch more flies with honey"?

Here are five easy strategies to try to change that half-empty glass into a half-full one:
• Accept compliments (graciously)
• Give compliments (daily)
• Focus on one thing about yourself that you like (daily)
• Take action (Want to change your body? Do something about it!)
• Smile (as much as possible)

Be kind to yourself. Be patient with your body. Smile at yourself. Be happy with the body that you have, because it's the only one you've got!

Amanda K Barnes
Certified Health Coach & Certified Personal Trainer



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