Weekly Wellness: Let's prevent eye injuries

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COLUMBIA- Our eyes are so important! And, at times, I worry that we don’t pay attention to how easy it is to harm them. Here is a list of some very common (and preventable) eye injuries.

  • Sleeping in your contacts can lead to part of your eye ripping off. The leading cause of eye injuries is overwearing contact lenses. When you sleep, you’re not blinking. Blinking is essential to dispersing basal tears over the eye. Sleeping in contact lenses will suck the moisture from our eyes.
  • Sleeping in your contacts can give you eye ulcers. Sleeping in your contacts can lead to corneal inflammation called keratitis as a result of reduced oxygen flow. If not treated quickly enough, keratitis can spiral into a corneal ulcer.
  • Ignoring dry eyes can lead to dry and scratched eyes. Letting a severe case of dry eye go untreated can lead to injury-induced scratches on your cornea. These corneal abrasions can cause pain and feel like tearing, redness, sensitivity to light and headaches.
  • Not wearing safety goggles in situations that lead to debris-related injuries. Activities like racquetball, mowing the lawn, playing with Nerf guns. Really any activities that can send tiny objects flying through the air can become projectiles that come flying at your eyeballs! Wear protective eyewear just in case.
  • Not wearing sunglasses to protect your eyeballs from sunburn. Ultraviolet keratitis is a sunburn that happens to your cornea and conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the front surface of the eye). And this doesn’t just happen on sunny days. This can happen when it’s cloudy or overcast, or when you’re near snow, ice, sand and water. Wear your shades!

We need our eyes to last us a long time. Take care of them.

 (Source: https://www.self.com/story/preventable-eye-injuries)