Weekly Wellness: Put fitness tech on your holiday wish list

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COLUMBIA - These days it seems like arm decor has been changing. It used to be the gold watch or the sparkly jeweled bracelets that adorned the wrists of both men and women, alike, have been replaced by rubber gadgets that blink numbers at their wearer.

Ask someone how they are doing and they may reach for a small contraption at their waist before answering that question by reciting something like "well, I've gotten 4,000 steps so far today so that's pretty good." It's all the rage: fitness technology.

If you haven't joined this club but are thinking about it and wondering "how do I even decide which gadget to get?" we have a couple of websites with different reviews for you to check out.

The first website is Engadget with their reviews of (seemingly) all fitness devices available. They have done an excellent job of breaking the list into different criteria (i.e. device type, tracking metrics and display). You can also search for gadgets based on price, popularity, release date and best (based on their reviews).

Some of the Engadget top pics are:

Fitbit One (priced around $86).
The Fitbit One adds a number of welcome features to our favorite fitness tracker, including Bluetooth iPhone syncing, better water resistance, and a vibrating alarm that can wake you if you're using your Fitbit as a sleep monitor. The updates "enhance what was already a stellar product," according to PCMag, which calls the One a "super-smart pedometer" that "automates the hard work of keeping track of your overall fitness." Compared to the less-expensive Fitbit Zip, the One is "definitely worth the premium" according to TechCrunch, which calls the One "wonderful choice" if you want "a neat (and unabashedly geeky) way to keep tabs on how active you are."

Nike+ FuelBand SE (priced around $99).
The FuelBand SE doesn't offer any earth-shattering changes from its predecessor, but its design, longer battery life and enhanced social features ensure it continues to be a solid choice among fitness trackers.

Jawbone Up24 (priced around $102)
The Up24 is Jawbone's best wearable to date thanks to wireless syncing. It's definitely worth buying over the older, less expensive Up band.

CNET has a great list of "Best wearable tech of 2014" which includes smart watches, health monitors, pedometers and activity trackers.

Some of CNET's faves are the Jawbone Up24, the Withings Pulse O2 and the Misfit Shine.

So take a few minutes to check out these reviews before sitting on Santa's lap and asking for your fitness tech!