Weekly Wellness Turkey Trot

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COLUMBIA - Did you know that the average Thanksgiving meal is generally somewhere in the ballpark of 2,000 calories? Factor in the alcoholic beverages and the in-between-nibbles, it can reach 3,000 or more. When you consider the baseline daily caloric intake for an adult woman is around 1,500 and 1,800 for a man, that is many (many) more calories than usual. And when you consider that the preferred activity for Thanksgiving Day is watching sports, you can’t expect to tackle those calories like the guys tackling each other on television. So what if we created our own calorie-burning opportunity?

How about getting the family together for a morning (or after dinner) walk? An hour-long walk can burn 300 – 500 calories.

Or maybe a family basketball game? Pick your teams and play a little b-ball to burn 150 – 200 calories during a 30 minute game.

Pigskin time! Turn off the game that’s on the boob tube and get your football to the backyard. You’ll burn more calories if you’re playing tackle (but you might end up at Urgent Care, so maybe touch would be better). Expect to burn 150 – 300 calories during a 30 minute game.

Family Dance Party! Put on your favorite tunes and move the furniture! You can burn anywhere from 200 – 600 calories in an hour of dancing. But you gotta be cutting a rug! No slow dancing here.

Step To It! So many folks are wearing fitness trackers these days – how about turning that into a little friendly competition. Everyone log their steps upon entering the house for the day. At the completion of the meal, the person(s) with the least amount of steps has to do the dishes!

There are so many opportunities to make the day a physical success! Enjoy your pie! Enjoy your stuffing! And enjoy knowing that you did something to earn those yummy treats! Happy Thanksgiving!