Weekly Wellness: Working Out With No Equipment and Little Time

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COLUMBIA - Weekly Wellness is a segment airing on KOMU 8 News at noon on Mondays. In addition to the on-air workout, there is an extra Web edition with additional workouts (see video on left).

Need a workout that you can get done in 10 - 15 minutes? Don't have any workout equipment at home? This is the workout for you! This is about moving, not about perfection. Do what you can do, but do something.

This workout will help to give you energy. It will help you to re-focus your attention. It will be time for you to take care of you (when you're so accustomed to taking care of everyone else).

If ever you've been on an airplane and hear the announcements before take-off about "putting on YOUR oxygen mask before helping those around you", this is your oxygen mask. Breathe deeply, grab a timer and here we go.

The goal of this workout is to do as many repetitions of each exercise that you can comfortably during the allotted time. If you want to track your progress, you can take a piece of paper and write down the day's date and the exercises that you will perform, then record the number of repetitions you complete each time you do the workout.

(See below for exercise descriptions.)

Beginner Workout (10 min):

  • Warm up by marching in place for 2:00
  • Crossing T to Crossing I for 1:00
  • March in place for :30
  • Alternating knee raises for 1:00
  • March in place for :30
  • Airplane circles forward for 1:00
  • March in place for :30
  • Airplane circles backward for 1:00
  • March in place for :30
  • Bridges for 1:00
  • Step touch side to side for 1:00 (cool down)

Intermediate Workout (15 min):

  • Warm up by marching in place for 2:00
  • Crossing T to Crossing I for 1:00
  • Jog in place or jump rope for 1:00
  • Repeating squats for 1:00
  • Jog in place or jump rope for 1:00
  • Alternating high knees for 1:00
  • Jog in place or jump rope for 1:00
  • Push-ups for 1:00
  • Jog in place or jump rope for 1:00
  • Triceps dips (on a chair or stairs) for 1:00
  • Jog in place or jump rope for 1:00
  • Crunches for 1:00
  • March in place 1:00 (cool down)

Exercise descriptions:

Crossing T to Crossing I: Standing tall, take arms out to the side making a large "T", move arms in a fluid motion to the front and allow your arms to cross, return them to the "T" position. From the "T" position, take both arms straight above your head to make a large letter "I", return them to the side and repeat. Letter "T" to letter "I

Alternating Knee Raises: Standing tall, bend your leg to bring your knee up so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. Pause. Return leg and switch to the other. Repeat.

Airplane Circles: Standing with arms outstretched (like a letter "T"), keep elbows locked and hands/fingers straight, and make a small tight circle motion with your arms. Pretend that your longest finger is a pen and you're drawing a circle the size of a small cup. Do both directions(forward or backward).

Bridge: Lie on your back with your feet hip-width apart and flat on the floor (your knees will be bent). Your feet should not be too close to your butt. Inhale for a few seconds and as you exhale, press your feet into the floor, squeeze your butt as you press your hips up towards the ceiling. Press high enough that your body creates a straight line from your shoulders to the top of your knees. Inhale as you pause at the top of the movement. Exhale and slowly release the position, controlling your movement as you lower your butt back to the starting position. Repeat.

Triceps Dips: Sit in a sturdy chair with your hands on the outside of your hips, heels of your hands on the edge of the chair with your fingers gripping the edge of the chair. Take your legs out away from the chair as you slide your butt off the seat. Support your weight in your hands, bend your elbows behind you as you lower your weight down towards the floor. Your goal is to allow your upper arm to be parallel to the ground before pressing your body back to the starting position. Try to allow your weight to be held in your arms, not in your legs.

Amanda K Barnes
Certified Personal Trainer


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