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Is your daily diet lacking in some of the necessary nutrients? It may be… wanna know an easy way to sneak nutrients into your food? Since September has been designated as Smoothie Month, we’re going to sneak those items into your SMOOTHIES!

Here are seven nutrient-rich items to toss into the blender with your other smoothie-making faves:

Broccoli: The fiber-rich vegetable helps keep you full without changing the taste of your smoothie. You can use raw broccoli or steam it quickly first for a smoother consistency.

Chia seeds: Add a tablespoon of chia seeds to every smoothie. The high-fiber seeds are also a great source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s, so you'll feel full and ready to take on your morning.

Green tea: Using strong, cold green tea to any smoothie instead of water can give your smoothie a subtle caffeinated pick-me-up.

Flaxseed: Add some flaxseeds to the mix. High in omega-3s and fiber, flax helps promote bone health, lowers cholesterol, and keeps your digestive system healthy. The healthy fats in flaxseeds also help relieve inflammation.

Leafy greens: If you hate the taste of kale or spinach, adding a cup or two to your morning smoothie is the way to reap their many health benefits. Once blended with the rest of your smoothie, the taste is imperceptible, but you're still getting a hefty portion of crucial nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, manganese, and vitamin K.

Coconut water: Adding coconut water to your morning smoothie helps you get the electrolytes you need to feel energized and bloat-free.

Tofu: For a dairy-free protein kick, blend some silken tofu into your diet. It'll give your smoothie a creamy consistency without any Greek yogurt.

Over the past month, we have given you lots of ideas to make your smoothies yummy and healthy. I hope you find some great smoothie combinations!