Wendy Noren dedication ceremony

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COLUMBIA – The Boone County Democratic Party honored former Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren on Friday evening by dedicating a room to her at its headquarters.

Noren toured the new Wendy Noren Room for Democratic Candidates and thanked the party for recognizing her. She said she was glad to have served in the clerk role for 35 years.

"This job was an honor and it opened up so many opportunities for me," Noren said after thanking everyone for coming.

The room will be a place candidates can go if they don't have an office of their own. 

“It will have some computers and access to printers and it will have some storage space,” said Chairman of Boone County Democratic Party Darren Hellwege.

Noren was hired in 1978, making her one of the county’s longest-serving officials. She won election to the office nine times.  

Noren served as legislative chair of the Missouri County Clerks and Election Authorities and helped draft several Missouri election law reforms.

"The thing about the county clerk office and the job that Wendy did is that it’s really fundamental to what we are all about and that is the right to vote, helping people vote and making sure that that process is secure and that people can trust it," Hellwege said. 

Noren has said she made it a top priority to keep Boone County an early adopter of technology that "improved ability of voters to register to vote, to be informed about elections and to cast their ballot in a secure way."

Noren submitted her resignation letter to Gov. Eric Greitens in June.

She said she was leaving due to health reasons and that the decision was “by far the hardest task I have ever had to do in all my years as County Clerk.”

At Friday’s dedication ceremony, former Missouri Gov. Roger Wilson and a representative of Sen. Claire McCaskill spoke about Noren’s accomplishments. 

Hellwege said Noren was well suited for the role.

“She treated everybody’s vote as if it was something really important to the poll process and I think treated all of the candidates and all of the voters with a lot of respect and it was just someone we could trust to do the job very professionally,” he said.