Westminster College Raises Domestic Violence Awareness

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FULTON- Westminster College students localized a national effort to raise awareness against domestic violence Monday. In an effort to raise awareness against domestic violence and abuse against women throughout the community, the students decorated t-shirts.

The clothesline project first began in Cape Cod, Mass. but has since become a nationwide project. The students at Westminster made shirts on Monday and planned to hang the completed shirts on a clothesline by Monday night. Some of the shirts said "hope," and others said "stop the silence."

A student at Westminster, Samantha Stuppy, organized the entire event. She said she plans to make this an annual event for Westminster College.

"In Cape Cod it began as a way for women to kind of express their emotions who have been affected by this," Stuppy said. "We've kind of evolved it to allow everyone on the campus community to show support for survivors and for those who have lost their lives to domestic and sexual violence."

Stuppy said the t-shirts will be ready for the start of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual assault awareness month begins Tuesday, April 1.