Westminster College rallies for peace.

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FULTON - A group of students at Westminster College is rallying for peace Wednesday afternoon.

The idea came after the presidential election last week. About 30 students have been planning the event through Facebook. Students, faculty and staff met to sing classic songs of solidarity to show to the community, that hate has no place at Westminster College.

”We were trying to figure out how we could respond to some of the language and responses after the election. But we wanted to do it in a loving way, and in a way that would unite us on campus instead of judging, who are right and who are wrong,” said Erin Perry, one of the students who initiated the peace rally.

A large number of international students are attending the school. The election results has made one of them concerned about how people in America see him.

”Being an international student you are obviously a part of a minority group. So to go to class and imagine: ”Am I being hated upon or am I being, you know, ignored?” That is a difficult thing.” said Ayush Manandhar, who is a Nepali student at Westminster College.

Westminster College Center for Faith & Service have had students coming in throughout the week to discuss, what the election means to them, and how they should respond to the result.

”This is a mixed campus. The reactions have been all over the place. There have been students who feel very hurt by the election results. A number of the international students are worried that they might be sent home, or they are just not sure how the response is going to be from the country,” said Maeba Jonas, Chaplain Resident at Westminster College.

The rally will include speeches from both students, faculty members, Rev. Jamie Haskins among others. Participants will also join in a moment of silence and prayer.

”We see this as an opportunity to raise awareness of some of the concerns, we have had on campus and elsewhere in the country. This is an opportunity to bring people together in a spirit of peace and compassion,” said Jonas.

The rally for peace is scheduled from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm Wednesday afternoon.

Another protest will take place at the University of Missouri tonight, where more than 700 people have signed up on Facebook to participate in a peace walk at 7 pm.