Westminster's Superstar Wide Receiver Carl Givens

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FULTON, MO - Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Keyshawn Johnson...Westminster football has seen a college wide receiver better than all of them.

John Welty, Westminster's football coach said, "The first player that we had that was a good wide receiver was Scott Pingel. He broke all of Jerry Rice's records. Carl fits that same mold that Scott does."

Westminster thinks they might have another NFL pro in senior wide receiver Carl Givens.

John Welty added, "Carl has the same attitude, ability and work ethic."

Another thing Carl has in common with Scott Pingel are his incredible numbers at the Division 3 level. Carl came into his senior year with over 150 receptions, over 2500 yards and over 30 touchdown scored. So, how did this happen?

Carl Givens, the Westminster senior wide receiver said, "When I first started playing I didn't have too much skill behind me, it was mostly just talent."

Carl might have had a lot of talent coming out of Chaminade Prep in St. Louis, but his high school had only 100 students less than his college does here at Westminster in Fulton. However, it was here in this small campus in Fulton that he really began to develop.

"My coach Tomlin really talked me up at the wide receiver position and gave me pointers about how stuff should be done also he showed me how to work hard at my position on and off the field." said Givens.

Coach Welty added, "How did Carl get like he is now? It didn't happen by accident. Yes he was blessed with some God given abillity but but the work he puts in in the offseason put him in a position to be one of the, if not the best, wide receiver in Division 3 in the country."

Carl certainly developed in his time at the small Fulton campus, but bigger things are on the horizon. He said, "Next semester I'm going to go home and train with my trainer until combine season and I'll go out there and test a few of those. And we'll see where I go from there."

So does this Division 3 star have what it takes to compete with the world's biggest and fastest football players?

Coach Welty sure thinks so. He said, "I think he has the ability. We've been in contact with several of the NFL football teams and they have shown interest. Carl's put him in a position to give himself a chance, and now we're just hoping that one of those teams gives him a chance."

The last time coach Welty and Westminster hoped for a chance for their wide receiver, his dream ended in the NFL.