Westminster Speaker Ho-Young 2

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FULTON - Westminster College is buzzing with guest speakers, adding another international name to the list last night. 

Korean Ambassador to the United States Ahn Ho-Young touched on many global issues in his lecture.

"The thoughts of Ambassador Ho-Young at Westminster could not be any timelier in light of North Korea's latest nuclear testing threat," said Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande, Westminster President. 

He talked about on the ongoing relationship between the United States and Korea and what Americans should know moving forward on North Korea's nuclear threat. 

"I really was impressed with his grasp of all the global issues and what is happening between North and South Korea. Which I think he was trying to tell us Americans, 'We need to pay even more attention to that situation' because as its becoming more nuclear-tipped, it can become more of a regional threat, and hence a global threat," said Kurt Jefferson, Director of the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement.

Winston Churchill gave one of his most famous speeches, the "Iron Curtain," in Fulton 70 years ago. Yo-Houng related his message to some of Churchill's most famous words. 

"He wanted to show the true face of Soviet totalitarianism. He wanted to propose to the whole world to get united in order to fight together against Soviet expansionism," Ho-Young said. 

Jefferson said people are studying Churchill's words and actions to see if it lines up with what is happening in the world today.

"You look at those comments and the famous 'Sinews of Peace' speech by Churchill, and Ambassador Ahn is talking about the same kind of themes. And he's telling an American audience, 'You need to look at what Churchill's saying,'" Jefferson said.

Ambassador Ho-Young spoke for 30 minutes with time for questions. This is his third year serving as Korean Ambassador to the United States.