What to do with your Christmas decorations

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COLUMBIA - Christmas has come and gone, leaving mid-Missourians with troves of trash and recyclable goods.

From now until January 31, you can simply set your tree curbside on your trash pickup day to go into a landfill where the tree will decompose and assist in the creation of methane gas used to generate electricity.
Trash pickup has been moved back a day, a standard procedure for the holiday.
You may also recycle your tree at either of the yard waste drop-off centers located at Parkside Drive and Capen Park or to the city's compost operation on Peabody Road.
"I kind of do a combination of things," resident Patty Irby said. "I recycle some of it, trash some of it and burn some."
Artificial trees, ornaments, tinsel and only certain types of wrapping paper aren't recyclable and should thus be considered garbage.
The city also encourages people to consider donating decorations. 
"We do try to encourage everyone to take materials that can still be used to donation drop off sites around town," Community Relations Specialist for Columbia Utilities Patricia Weisenfelder said. "Most of them know how to properly recycle textiles or toys and would have a better option than doing something curbside."
The COMO Recycle and Trash phone application can also tell you which items are recyclable and how to do it.