Wheelchair Body Builder Needs Chair Repaired

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MOBERLY — As a junior in high school, DJ Haffecke used to weigh 250 pounds. Now at 28, he's strong in a way that goes beyond just muscles.  Click on the video at the left to view this Sarah's Story.   

DJ was born premature with cerebral palsey and uses a wheelchair.  

"Very proud of him," said Linda Haffecke, DJ's mother. "He's come a long way from that 3 pound 4 ounce little boy."

With his Dad as a spotter, DJ is competing in the sport of wheelchair body building. He's a regular at the Randolph County YMCA in Moberly.  

"Basically, I'm in support mode," said DJ's father, Danny Haffecke while working out with his son. "I hand him the weights."

DJ's specialized lifting wheelchair recently broke. He hopes to have it repaired so that his Dad doesn't have to hold his wheelchair when he lifts. Otherwise, his chair could tip over.

"It's going to cost five grand to fix it so I'm trying to get donations to help me out just to fix it," said DJ finishing up a recent workout.  

Despite the extra effort to have someone anchor his chair using weights to maintain his balance,  college student has won several body building titles. A huge accomplishment for someone who lacked strength at birth.

"It's more than a pride thing than anything," DJ said. "I accomplished something. I accomplished my goal."

If you'd like more information on the fund-raising drive to get DJ's wheelchair repaired, please visit: http://liftwithoutlimits.org/help-dj-haffecke-fix-his-wheelchair/

If you'd like more information on wheelchair body building, please visit: http://bmfsports.com/category/blogs/djhaffecke/