Where to recycle Christmas trees

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COLUMBIA - For Columbia residents if your tree has lost its fresh pine smell, you have options.

Getting rid of your Christmas tree is as easy as removing the decorations. In fact just take it to Nelson's Tree lot on Paris Road and the owner will recycle your tree for free. Nelson's said to drop off trees at the front gate near the blue tanks and the crew will take it from there.

The City of Columbia provides four options. If you are too busy to remove the decorations the City of Columbia said it will pick-up trees, decorations and all, as long as they are on the curb. Trees will be picked up and recycled in the city's bioreactor landful for renewable energy. After January 31, trees placed curbside will need to be cut into four-foot chucks and bundled.

The City website said, "While you may leave decorations on the tree if it is set out for curbside pickup, we urge you to consider recycling the decorations if you do not want them. Consider "gifting" ornaments and other decorations to someone who may be in need of those items. Ornaments and tinsel should be disposed of in your normal refuse collection."

Another option the City suggests is dropping off Christmas trees at the Capen Park Mulch Site off Rock Quarry Road, the Parkside Mulch Site off Creasy Springs Road, or the landfill on Peabody Road. To use these sites the City said all decorations must be removed before drop-off.

City Christmas tree recycling programs began Dec. 26 and continue in Columbia until the end of next month. 

Jefferson City has similar programs, but it won't pick up trees at the curb. Jefferson City residents can drop off their Christmas trees in Washington Park at the Vivion Field entrance. Residents dropping off trees must removed all decorations from the live trees before leaving the tree. For Jefferson City residents here is a link to your options.