White House Hears from Local Businesses

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MEXICO -  The White House Business Council heard from local business owners and representatives during a roundtable Wednesday at the Mid America Brick factory in Mexico. The businesses talked about the desire for improvements in education and less control from the government.

The Council was created by the Obama administration to help businesses around the United States and lower the unemployment rates. The meeting in Mexico was one of the first to determine what steps the government can take to help.

The focus is on small businesses because two-thirds of new jobs in the U.S. are coming through small and local businesses.

Owners talked about some of the regulations and processes they had to deal with when running their businesses. They hope that the government might allow for more freedom for the businesses to be run.

Education was another concern brought up in the meeting. Owners complained how some applicants can't even read job applications.

Frank Cordie, President of Mid America Brick, said, "The days of hard labor are going behind us, and the days of intelligent labor are here now and in front of us."

Cordie knows from experience as Mid America Brick has slowly moved towards more and more machines to take on much of the workload while capable minds control them.