Whiteman Military Jets May Get the Axe

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KNOB NOSTER - The entire fleet of A-10 military jets may get cut from the Pentagon's next budget. Twenty-four of those planes are kept at Whiteman Air Force Base and have been used in every military conflict for the last 30 years and are still being used in the Middle East.

442nd Fighter Wing Commander, Col. Hubie Hegtvedt said the planes are the best military weapons available.

"The A-10 has proven itself back to Desert Storm and today in the War on Terrorism in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  I think the Army, the Air Force and anyone on the ground would agree it's the most effective close air support platform in the world," Hegtvedt said.

The A-10's cost $17,716 per flying hour, making it one of the cheapest fighter jets to operate. The F-15C Eagle Fighter costs $41,921 per flying hour and the B-2A Stealth Bomber costs $169,313 per flying hour according to Lt. Jeff Kelly, a Whiteman Airforce Base spokesman.