who will be the next lt. gov

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COLUMBIA- With Gov. Mike Parson taking office Friday, his former position, lieutenant remains vacant with no clear indication of when it might be filled.

The Missouri Constitution has two lines about the position's powers and duties, but does not offer any clarity on how the office should be filled. Some lawmakers floated a bill to clear things up, but it didn't pass.

Parson has two choices now. He can appoint his successor or wait for the next election.

Julia Hurst, executive director of the National Lieutenant Governors Association, said option one is historically favored.

“My take on the norm would be to just appoint. I mean it has been done before,” Hurst said.

Parson talked about the importance of the office on Friday, but did not specify what he would do.

"I think it is important for the state of Missouri to have a lieutenant governor, especially at a time like this, to be able to help with the governor's office and to be able to work together for the betterment of the state of Missouri," he said.

Parson was elected to a four year term as lieutenant governor in 2016. If he waits until the next general election the position would remain empty until 2021.