Will the Kansas City Chiefs change the team name?

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COLUMBIA –  The Washington D.C. NFL football team announced on Monday it will retire the teams name and logo. Washington is the first team in the NFL to announce a name change.

The decision has fans wondering if Washington would be the only team to make a change. KC Star Sports Columnist Sam Mellinger said, there is no talk of the Kansas City Chiefs changing its name. 

“The Chiefs have had a group of Native Americans from the region that they have talked with for about 7 years now," Mellinger said. "They’ve made changes… they have actively discouraged headdresses or war bonnets from fans. They’ve diminished the role of war paint the horse and changed the way they do the war drum, things like that.”

Mellinger believes the team has made enough changes over the years to shut down stereotypes and keep the Chiefs from changing the name and logo.