Williamsburg closes for second time this week

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WILLIAMSBURG — Three employees had headaches at Williamsburg Elementary earlier this week, so they closed. When they re-opened Thursday, the same employees still had headaches. 

So they closed again Friday. 

The school thought the initial issue was a gas leak in the building, which forced them to shut down Wednesday. But now, North Callaway Superintendent Brian Garner said there is no gas leak issue at the school.

"With all of the testing that's been done, we do not have any combustible gas emissions anywhere," he said.

But if it's not a gas leak, what is it? 

The Department of Natural Resources was out at the school to see what might be causing these issues.

An employee, Caleb Troutt, said the school initially had an issue with the propane, but now they are looking into other concerns.

"The issue now is that they are still having the symptoms after that problem was fixed," Troutt said.

According to Superintendent Garner, the DNR and Department of Health will be working this weekend to find the source of the employees headaches. 

"Our hope is that we are going to open Monday," Garner said. "But we will not open until we can assure the safety of everybody in this building."

Garner did not say if any students in the building complained of headaches.