Wine production decreasing

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COLUMBIA - Global wine production is dropping for the first time in decades. But, mid-Missouri winemakers said wine lovers in this area won’t see any drastic effects.

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine announced world production of wine is expected to decrease by 8.2 percent or about 3 billion bottles of wine this year.

Heat and frost extremes in the top three wine producing countries - Italy, France and Spain -  are to blame.

Serenity Valley Winery co-owner Regina Ruppert said, although billions of bottles of wine lost sounds like a large number, but other regions are faring well.

“The world’s a large place,” Ruppert said. "There are other places that can grow grapes in the meantime."

Serenity Valley uses juices from all over the world to make its wine.

“I checked with our suppliers and he said we don’t have to worry because we get juice from various vineyards,” Ruppert said. “But specific wineries that use a specific vineyards' grapes are more likely to be affected.”

Ruppert said one of her suppliers doesn’t expect any price increase in the juice she buys.

Les Bourgeois' vice president of wine operations, Cory Bomgaars, said local wineries will not only benefit from the drop in international choices, but there’s another factor at play for local success.

“The social trend of buying local is keeping our local wineries on an incline as international production decreases,” he said.

Ruppert said, when she shops, she bases her decisions on quality, not region of origin. She said the typical wine consumer shouldn't be affected.