Winter is coming - prepare for cold weather

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COLUMBIA - Winter has really come to Mid-Missouri with temperatures dropping into the 30's. At the Student Center at the University of Missouri students could hear about how to prepare for the winter season Wednesday.

One of the most important things is getting your car ready for the change of season.

“Basically, you should get the whole vehicle checked. That all fluids are full, and that the tires can make it through winter,” said Chris Briggs, auto technician at University Garage.

Briggs said that the three most important things to check are tires, windshield wipers that might be broken, and the battery.

 “The battery has a bigger opportunity to fail at winter than at any other time. So you really need to get that checked, because if you get somewhere and the battery doesn’t start, you are calling a tow truck,” said Briggs.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, your car also needs to be equipped with an emergency kit containing blankets, cell phone chargers, flashlights, first-aid kits, a knife, water, food, a shovel and other necessities.

“The most important thing for people is to be aware and vigilant about the quick weather changes we have here in Mid-Missouri. A lot of local people know, how weather can change rapidly, but we also have a lot of new residents who are not necessarily aware of the sudden changes,” said Eric Evans, emergency management coordinator at University of Missouri Police Department.

Evans urges people to check your radio or TV for updates on the weather situation and advice on how to react to weather changes.