Winter weather means it's time to "winterize" your life

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CALIFORNIA - Winter weather has hit Missouri and the cold weather is not leaving the state soon. People are continuing to "winterize" their homes, cars and boats to prepare for the upcoming season.

Eric Call, who owns Superior Insulation, said proper insulation in a home can save a person around 20% in heating costs.

"As a general rule of thumb it's going to be one of the best investments you can make in your home," he said. "Once it's there it's going to keep paying for itself for years to come."

Call said you should look for any types of drafts or cracks to seal up to keep your home. If cold air sneaks through, that could lead to your home constantly heating itself to compensate. He said some construction stores sell kits to solve some of those problems. 

Andy Lepper, who winterized his home and car already, said he's trying not to pay more money for heat than he has to.

"You want to be comfortable in the house and not want to wear a jacket or a hoodie just to keep warm," he said. "But you suck it up and pay it."

Lepper said he's just trying to save money with the holidays coming up.