Witnesses react to rapid fire shooting

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COLUMBIA - John Paul is a student at MU and lives downtown. He said he has always thought he lived in a safe place. Things changed last night. 

"I've heard gun shots before, I grew up hunting but it was not like any gun shot I've ever heard before coming from a parking garage and it was really surprising," Paul said. "I just never assumed it would be that close to home." 

Paul lives just across the street from where a deadly shooting took place Wednesday night. 

"I was trying to fall asleep and then I hear what sounded like two pops and I didn't know what it was at first because there's always a lot of noise coming from the garage," Paul said. "And then I sat up because it sounded like gun-shots but I wasn't sure and then six more shots rang out rapidly." 

Then, Paul and his neighbors went out on their balconies to observe the scene below on the street. 

"It just looked like chaos. Everyone was running around. Nobody out here knew what was going on. It was just an intimidating time," Paul said. 

Paul said he is surprised it happened so close to home. 

"It made me really scared. I knew I was safe in my apartment but it's just that close to home, makes things nervous," Paul said. "You wouldn't think it would happen in this area." 

It was something, Paul said, could affect him for some time. 

"I walk in the parking garage every day. I park my motorcycle there. It's kind of nerve-wracking at night to know that somebody has been killed there. It's frightening to know that where I'm walking somebody was shot."

Other students were alarmed after finding out there was a gunman on the loose and they hadn't been notified. MU student Mackenzie Michaletz said her and her friends walked to the scene of the crime to get more answers. But if she would've known there was potential danger, she would not have done the same. 

"The scary part was that I had just gotten off of work at 10:30 p.m. which was when this guy was out and about and I had no idea," Michaletz said.