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COLUMBIA - According to national census data for the first time ever more women than men are earning advanced degrees.

The AP reports this along with other trends showing more women in the workplace. Unemployment for women is at 8.3 percent while the rate for men is 9.3 percent. Also, only one in four married couples has a stay-at-home mom. Forty-two years ago that number was almost one in two according to the AP.

The University of Missouri and Columbia College both say more women are earning more advanced degrees at the respective universities for some time.

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment management at Columbia College, Tery Donelson, says enrollment is likely a major factor. The school was all women until 1970 and has kept a much higher percentage of females than males enrolled ever since.

Donelson says academic performance is another likely reason women passed men in advanced degrees.

"We do break down our GPA's by male and female. The women typically score higher than the men." Donelson said.

MU Provost Brian Foster says that's the same case at Mizzou.

Although specific information about graduate students is not available, according to MU in the fall semester of 2010 undergraduate women averaged a 3.013 GPA while men averaged a 2.87 GPA.