Women in the arts

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COLUMBIA — “Leading Women in the Arts” is the name of a proposed plan that could educate the public on what it's like to be a woman in an arts industry. 

According to the Commission on Cultural Affairs agenda the goal of this project is to bring women artists to Columbia to showcase their talents, host workshops and answer any questions that participants may have. 

One artist mentioned in the proposal is Lena Ekman Frisk. Frisk is well-known for her musical abilities throughout the Swede community. The proposed time for Frisk to come to Columbia would be February 2017.

Orr Street Studio painter Catherine Parke said arts of any kind are vital to the Columbia community. 

"Art frees the mind by giving us joy and courage," Parke said. "Courage to create, courage to try things we don't know yet and courage to step into the unknown."

Parke said the arts are not just exclusive to drawing, dancing and singing. She said it's part of everyone's daily life. 

"It is your life, it's part of your identity, it's part of the way you express and connect yourself with other," she explained.

Columbia resident Breosha Williams said the arts can be a way of channeling how someone is feeling without using words.

"I like that there are so many types of styles that people use," Williams said. "You can look at it and be inspired by it."

The "Leading Women in the Arts" proposal will be discussed during the Commission on Cultural Affairs on Monday at 4:15 p.m.