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COLUMBIA - Missouri's employment has reached its eight-year high and scores of women came together on Saturday in Columbia to help women job seekers to better seize the opportunities.

Ten business and professional women volunteered to speak at the biannual job finding seminar Changing the Odds. Volunteers at the Columbia Chamber of Commerce helped women applicants make themselves more marketable.

Kristen Grusenmeyer, the Women's Network Coordinator at the chamber, said about 60 women of all ages and from all walks of life attended the workshop.

"Some may have struggled hardships, we might have mom that are looking for reentering for the workforce, the older generation that are trying getting back to the workforce, just a variety of ladies that are in need of getting help finding a job or how to write a resume or how to do an interview properly," Grusenmeyer said.

She said the free workshop aims to help these women with the skills they need.

The seminar offered four different modules, including career development, resume writing, job interviews and dressing for success. These modules were designed based on the feedback from previous seminar attendees.

Jennifer Truesdale, one of the speakers at the seminar, said she finds self-confidence is the most important thing to always bear in mind.

"It can have an impact on our self-esteem if it takes a while to get a job especially if you're overcoming a barrier to your employment and I think that is something we espouse here together as a committee that if we just keep trying and believe in ourselves. That's really a true message when you're looking o advance your career," Truesdale said.

The next Changing the Odds seminar is scheduled for this fall.