Women Protest to get Rush Limbaugh off the Radio

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COLUMBIA - Women from the Columbia Area National Organization for Women (NOW) will give up their lunch breaks Tuesday to gather outside of the KFRU radio station in Columbia protesting the station's airing of Rush Limbaugh's radio show.

Nine females and two males showed up to "Flush Rush." However, two showed up in support of Limbaugh's freedom of speech. 

The demonstration is not the first time Columbia Area NOW has spoke out against the controversial radio host. Limbaugh's program, which airs weekdays at 11 a.m. and weekends at 12 p.m. has faced local and national criticism.

Columbia NOW members went into the KFRU building when the protest ended to hand them a signed petition. According to NOW, the online petition to take Limbaugh off air had a total of 603 signatures as of this morning. The women told KOMU that KFRU told them their programming is not in their control. Cumulus Radio is in charge in Atlanta, Georgia. KFRU refused to comment on the protest today, as did the corporate office in Atlanta.

On March 19, the organization hand delivered 508 toilet paper rolls to the state capitol after House Speaker Steven Tilley, R-Perryville announced that Limbaugh would be receiving a honorary bust. They called the protest "Flush Rush."

Most recently, Limbaugh received backlash for his offensive comments about Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke.

Tuesday's protest is just one of several protests planned across the United States during the month of May.