Woodhaven Makes Homes More Accessible

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COLUMBIA - Non-profit adult assistance group Woodhaven received $21,300 in tax credits for its Extreme Home Accessibility Makeover program. With the tax credits, Woodhaven could be able to raise $38,727 from eligible donations to renovate two homes.

Both homes are arond 30 years old and have been home for individuals served by Woodhaven for 15 years. Through the projects, the bath tub will be removed for wheelchair accessibility; the oven will be lowered; the carpet will be replaced by floor so it's more easier for residents who have to use a wheelchair.

"Many of the people we serve will be facing age-related mobility issues in the near future," Woodhaven Chief Executive Officer Mark Palmer said. "Improving the accessibility of some of our homes now fulfills many needs for Woodhaven, the community, and most importantly, for these adults with developmental disabilities."

With the tax credits from Affordable Hosing Assistance Program, Woodhaven is seeking donations between now and April 30, 2012.