Wooldridge Evacuating in Preparation for Flooding

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COOPER/BOONE COUNTY - Wooldridge residents are scrambling for higher ground after flood waters are expected to over take their homes.

"I'm gonna lose my home," said Bonita Moore, Wooldridge resident. "I'm getting most everything out, but Im probably going to lose my home, waters probably going to be to my roof.The whole town is devastated over it."

Wooldridge has requested sandbags to be placed on the levee, but Wooldridge officials were  reportedly told they are on the waiting list. Wooldridge started cleaning and preparing it's levee in the beginning of June after years of neglect. The neglect happened because, one resident says, they had no council members for the town.

Though the town of Wooldridge is moving out, Cooper County and Boone County officials have said most other towns are looking okay.

"Just be prepared," said Candy Csrorell of Cooper County EMA. "If you have anything that's maybe in the basement of your home, and it floods while you're not home, go ahead and get your items picked up, boxed up, and be prepared.""

"I don't think we've seen the full affect of that dam at this point," said John Campbell from Boone County EMA. "We're starting to see the beginning of it, but theres still more water on the way, it will elevate the water here in Jefferson City."

Campbell said the water from Gavin's Point Dam will factor in to possible flooding, but flooding will happen depending on precipitation.