Wooldridge prepares for more flooding

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WOOLDRIDGE - With water levels expected to crest on Wednesday, Wooldridge is in preparation for more flooding. 

The town was impacted by severe flooding just a few weeks ago. Water levels rose up onto East Main Street and McDaniel Street affecting numerous homes, cars, and sheds.

The water has not hit the town yet, but it is getting closer. 

Construction workers spent their day on Tuesday preparing for the incoming water. 

"With the water that has come back up, it is already back across the tracks in several different places... that we are now trying to catch up, said Bob Bohnenstiehl of Greis Trucking & Excavating. 

"Any area that does not have water on it, we are going and doing the repairs," said Bohnenstiehl. 

When KOMU was in Wooldridge a few weeks ago, they spoke with a nearby neighbor who feared this would happen. 

"The flood of '93, it was really deep on the first of July. It was much deeper on the 29th of July, after many crests and falls. What is this going to look like in three weeks? No one knows," said Bill Roe.

Greis Trucking and Excavating Co. will continue working on Wednesday.