Wooldridge Safe From Flooding for the Time Being

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WOOLDRIDGE - Officials said Wednesday the efforts this past weekend are keeping the town of Wooldridge, or at least the buildings there, dry. They said there have been a few reports of seepage in homes in the lower lying areas, but unless there is significantly more water in the near future, the rest of the Petite Saline Creek should stay on the right side of the levee.

Missouri National Guard soldiers were in Wooldridge over the fourth of July weekend, adding sandbags to the levee along the creek. When the Missouri River rises, water backs up into the Petite Saline Creek, causing it to overflow into the lower-lying areas of Wooldridge.

Woolridge resident Ann Petty helped with the sandbagging and was amazed by the work of the National Guard.

"The National Guard was so coordinated and it worked so fast in everything they were doing. It was really something else," Petty said.

In June, inmates from the Boonville Correctional Center and local residents worked to clear brush from the levee. This work, along with the repairs needed on an agricultural pipe that runs through the levee that was completed during the sandbagging process, was originally estimated to cost around $8,000. With help from residents volunteering their time and equipment, the work ended up costing about half of that.